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Seasoned experts in contact center management, an improved customer experience: the perfect union between the human approach and technology.

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We put all our know-how at the service of the customer experience. This is our job, our expertise, to elevate each customer interaction by transforming them into memorable and positive experiences.

Call center

Your growth partner, helping to develop and optimize your customer experience through our data-driven approach and technology specific to your brand.

Recruiting service

Your ultimate partner for all your recruiting and staffing needs.

Consulting service

Our company is committed to revolutionizing your customer contact center with our tailor-made consulting solutions.

Why Pragma?


Unleash the perpetual potential of a skilled workforce at your fingertips.

Personal touch

Personalize, enhance and delight every customer interaction with a personal touch.

Advanced technology

Elevate and accelerate the customer experience with cutting-edge technology innovations.


Establish unwavering transparency in promoting customer connections.

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At Pragma, we recognize and value the unique talents of our employees. We invest in their professional development, encourage their initiative and create an environment conducive to their development.

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Industries served by Pragma


Transmission of information via wired, wireless and optical technologies.

Computers and electronics

Design, production and distribution of electronic hardware and computer software.

Insurance and financial services

Provision of financial protection against various risks, as well as financial management, investment and advice.

Travel and tourism

Provision of services related to tourist travel and stays.

Grocery and consumer goods

Sale of food and other essential products for daily life.


Packaging, aimed at protecting and presenting products for distribution and sale.

Order management

Process of organizing and monitoring requests for products or services from order taking to delivery.

Automotive and roadside assistance

Manufacture, sale of vehicles, as well as assistance services in the event of a breakdown or accident on the road.

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